Frequently Asked Questions

University Admissions

These differ between universities. We encourage all students to contact the admissions officer of each course they are interested in to find out their specific entry requirements. The contact details for university health science faculties can be found in the University Contacts information sheet on our free downloads page. For a general overview of admissions requirements, please download our university admissions information sheet from our free downloads page.

Note that all MedEntry packages include a comprehensive University Admissions Guide, with valuable information about the admissions process.

Total points for Medical Entry = Leaving Certificate (adjusted) + HPAT score

Minimum LC points required 480
Up to 550: no adjustment
More than 550: every 5 points = 1 adjusted point
Maximum LC score of 625 = 565 adjusted points

Example 1:

LC points is 565

Adjusted LC points = (550+15/5) = 553

HPAT score = 170

Total Med points = 553+170=723

Example 2:

LC points is 560, HL Maths bonus is 25, so total is 585.
Adjusted LC points = 550+ 35/5= 557

HPAT score = 185

Med points = 557+185= 742

The Total points required (First round) last year ranged between 720 and 765.


No! This is a myth. People who have done well in the HPAT have got into medicine with low Leaving Certificate points (of around 500)!


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