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HPAT Training Event

Feeling intimidated by the HPAT? You’re not alone. Most students are nervous as they approach this huge obstacle in their medical career. But you can sit the HPAT with confidence, knowing you have the right strategies and techniques to overcome every challenge. The key is Dr Ann’s online HPAT Workshop - the most effective HPAT training course available.

  • 2 days of live online training
  • Every session personally run by Dr Ann
  • Specific strategies for each of the three sections
  • Q&As with 100th percentile achievers
  • Insider information on medical entry
  • Dramatically improves speed, analysis and reasoning
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Achieve Scores
You Never Thought Possible

During two days of fun and interactive sessions, develop the skills to eliminate time pressure and significantly boost your scores. You’ll learn strategies to master all three sections, and apply the techniques during mini mocks. The systems you learn during Dr Ann’s HPAT Workshop will help you master the HPAT and reach your true potential.

Dr Ann: The World’s
Leading HPAT Expert

Her experience as a student, practicing specialist and lecturer has helped MedEntry create Ireland’s most effective HPAT workshop. She is, by far, the world’s most recognised and respected HPAT specialist. At every stage of her career, she has excelled. Her experience as a student, practising specialist, lecturer and academic has helped MedEntry create Ireland's most effective HPAT workshop.

  • 100th percentile in UMAT (HPAT)
  • 99.9 ATAR (625 LC)
  • Sir John Monash Scholarship for Distinction
  • Graduated with First Class Honours in Medicine
  • Dermatologist at Alfred & Monash Health
  • Personally trained more than 10,000 students to excel in the HPAT
  • Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

2 Days of Expert Guidance

After spending two days with Dr Ann in her online workshop, you’ll know how to plan, prepare and execute the perfect HPAT strategy. Learn special techniques, tips and tricks to overcome each question type during dynamic lectures, Q&A sessions and insightful talks by those who have excelled in HPAT.

8:00am 8:30am
Welcome to the workshop and advice from a Medical Student who scored 100th percentile in the HPAT.
8:30am 9:30am
Introduction to HPAT
Must knows about HPAT as well as inside information about how it is developed and scored.
Section 1: Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation
Strategies for approaching logical reasoning and data interpretation questions in Section 1, including worked examples.
Lunch break
Section 1: Problem Solving
Strategies for approaching problem solving questions in Section 1, including worked examples.
Pathways into Medicine
A discussion of the various pathways into medicine and an overview of what a career in medicine involves.
Q & A session
Have your questions about HPAT and how to best prepare for it answered.
8:00am 8:30am
Advice from a Medical Student
A current medical student who scored 100th percentile in the HPAT gives students an insight to what it takes to excel at HPAT.
8:30am 10:00am
Section 2: Interpersonal Understanding
Strategies for approaching each type of question in Section 2, including worked examples.
Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning
Strategies for approaching each type of question in Section 3, including worked examples.
Lunch break
HPAT Tactics
Covers psychological strategies for performing at your best on HPAT test day.
Final Q & A session
Have your questions about HPAT and how to best prepare for it answered.

HPAT Workshop Dates

The table below shows the current dates for Dr Ann’s Online HPAT Workshop. You will be able to book your preferred workshop after registration.

If you’re creating a study group, please be aware that all of your study pals must be registered before you can book a workshop.

Workshops run live online, and are not recorded.
Workshops run from 8:00am to 2:00pm Ireland time, view timetable.
Dates and times are subject to change.

Start Date End Date Status
Sat 24 August 2024 Sun 25 August 2024 Open
Sat 26 October 2024 Sun 27 October 2024 Open
Thu 31 October 2024 Fri 01 November 2024 Open
Sat 28 December 2024 Sun 29 December 2024 Open
Thu 02 January 2025 Fri 03 January 2025 Open
Sat 08 February 2025 Sun 09 February 2025 Open
Start Date End Date Status
Sat 26 August 2023 Sun 27 August 2023 Closed
Sat 28 October 2023 Sun 29 October 2023 Closed
Wed 01 November 2023 Thu 02 November 2023 Closed
Sat 04 November 2023 Sun 05 November 2023 Closed
Thu 28 December 2023 Fri 29 December 2023 Closed
Tue 02 January 2024 Wed 03 January 2024 Closed
Thu 04 January 2024 Fri 05 January 2024 Closed
Sat 10 February 2024 Sun 11 February 2024 Closed

The World's Favourite HPAT Expert

Read MedEntry’s thousands of glowing reviews and you’ll often see the same name mentioned. Thousands of students personally thank Dr Ann for inspiring, motivating and guiding them to HPAT success. Most consider Dr Ann’s HPAT Workshop to be a turning point in their understanding of the HPAT.

Katelyn Reilly

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and absolutely worthwhile! Dr Ann is such a fantastic speaker and imparted so much knowledge and experience about both HPAT and its relevance in the broader medical scene. It is such a confidence boost and really changed my attitude towards HPAT. Definitely recommend.

Alex Chapman

I would strongly recommend taking this HPAT prep course. Initially, I looked at the HPAT as a massive obstacle that I wouldn?t be able to get over but after doing the workshop my mindset has changed completely!!! Thank you Dr.Ann!!

Sam Andersen

This was an amazing workshop, that was really insightful and helpful. Dr Ann was incredible. Her enthusiasm and knowledge made the workshop so worthwhile. Not only do I feel more confident in myself, I feel like I learnt so much more about how to go about life after HPAT and of course, how to succeed in it. I could not recommend it enough and if I ever have the honour of meeting Dr Ann in person, I will be sure to thank her for her positive influence on my life and outlook in such a short space of time. Thank you!!!

Leah O Sullivan

Dr Ann was outstanding! I felt so incapable and that getting accepted into medicine was an impossible task but Dr Ann has made it appear so much more manageable and I definitely have a much better mindset now. Thank you so much Dr Ann, your workshop was truly invaluable in my HPAT prep.

Joanne Loftus

I can't stress enough how excellent the MedEntry HPAT course is. During the 2 day workshop I learned so much that will not only help me in the HPAT but also in my day to day life. I would especially like to thank Dr. Ann Deely who gave me invaluable advice for the HPAT I will never forget.

Alanna McDonald

The MedEntry workshop was brilliant. All information was relevant and necessary and I feel like I learned a lot from it. It has boosted my confidence with the hpat and I am so glad that I went to it. It was interactive giving us chances to speak and contribute and this was particularly helpful. Dr Ann was great at explaining everything and she covered all points and questions that I had. I would highly recommend these workshops.


Dr.Ann was so motivating and really helpful. She helped us all understand everyone is finding HPAT preparation difficult and showed us the skills we?re learning are not just for HPAT but for life. I definitely got tips and tricks out of this course that I wouldn?t have known about if I just used the lms. Would 1000% recommend attending :)

Max Ruohomaa

Great preparation. Dr Ann is a brilliant teacher, very inspiring and motivating! No matter who you are, I can guarantee that you will learn something from the workshop, for the HPAT and maybe even for life!

Michael Reilly

Dr Ann has an immense knowledge of the HPAT and how it works. I could not recommend the MedEntry two day workshop more. She provides you with all the tools you need to succeed in the HPAT and you come away feeling extremely motivated to achieve a great result.

Katie Doyle

Dr.Ann was beyond helpful, enthusiastic and passionate about HPAT and instills confidence in her students to her greatest ability. She focuses on key areas and prescribes great resources and guides to HPAT success. With her assistance and intelligent guidance, she makes the world of medicine achievable and tangible for everyone.

Master The HPAT
With Dr Ann’s HPAT Workshop

You’ve worked hard to make it this far. Don’t let the HPAT become a hurdle. Understand it, practise it and ace it. Turn this challenge into an advantage, exceed your expectations and create new opportunities for your career in medicine.

Included in:
Premium and Comprehensive packages
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