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HPAT Handbook

This comprehensive guide covers everything students need to know about entry into medicine, including:

  • How to get into medicine
  • How to prepare for and succeed in HPAT
  • How to prepare for medical interviews
  • Detailed college admissions information
  • Plus more

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Teacher Resources

A variety of resources MedEntry has specifically developed to help teachers guide their students through the HPAT process

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MedEntry has a commitment to helping as many students as possible access our quality resources. As a valued teacher, you can help nominate them for discounts.

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About the HPAT

Keep up to date with this critically important exam. Learn more about the HPAT with these carefully developed guides and frequently asked questions.

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Request A Talk

Would your students benefit from hearing directly from a current medical student speaking about how to prepare for HPAT? Let MedEntry arrange this for you.

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