Guiding students to a career in medicine

Students aiming for a career in medicine may represent a relatively small number of your students, but they often require significant guidance. This page is specifically for the careers counsellors, teachers and principals who will play a vital role in preparing students for their university studies.

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Becoming a doctor

The journey to a successful medical or dental career is long and complex. It’s important to provide students with a clear view of the road ahead, an understanding of each critical step and the confidence to overcome difficult obstacles like the HPAT and interviews. Based on our 20 years of experience, MedEntry has mapped each checkpoint of your student’s education and early career.

Key steps:

  • Choosing the right subjects
  • Learning about the career
  • Apply to the CAO
  • Sitting the HPAT
  • Choose the Right University
  • Becoming a doctor
Read our guide to becoming a doctor

Understanding the HPAT

MedEntry is home to the World's largest online repository of HPAT resources and information. Our HPAT section provides students with valuable web pages, downloads, sample questions and a practice exam. We suggest all educators advise their students to download the HPAT Handbook.

Need access to more information, sample questions and a practice exam?

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The HPAT Handbook

Packed with information on the HPAT, interview preparation and pathways to becoming a doctor or dentist, this 70 page handbook is essential for anyone providing guidance to future medical students. The book can be downloaded at no cost and without signing up, for all teachers, guidance counsellors and principals.

MedEntry teacher portal

Guidance counsellors, teachers and principals are critical to the success of medical students. That’s why we offer exclusive resources designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge that will ensure students obtain the right advice. Every download and invitation is free of charge including the offer to provide presentations at schools.

Guidance counsellors HPAT Seminar

Presented by MedEntry's Director of Education, Dr. Ann Deely (Consultant Dermatologist) to a large group of guidance counsellors, this seminar addresses every pain point and challenge faced by educators as they guide aspiring medical students.

Useful Downloads

Exclusive to educators, MedEntry offers downloads of HPAT and medical entry resources.

HPAT Handbook

This comprehensive 70 page guide covers everything you need to know about entry into medicine and dentistry.

Free Trial Exam (printable)

MedEntry's Free Printable Trial Exam.

2023 HPAT Poster A2

A2 poster with information about the 2023 HPAT. Print it off and post on your school noticeboard!

2023 HPAT Info Sheet A4

Convenient printable A4 summary of all the essential information on the HPAT. Print it off and hand to your students!

MedEntry Brochure

Information leaflet about MedEntry's services.

Discount Codes

MedEntry has a commitment to helping as many students as possible access our quality resources. As a valued teacher, you can help nominate them for discounts.

Bulk Group Discounts

If you have a number of students wishing to undertake the MedEntry course, we can provide a code that will allow them to undertake the Platinum package at our group rate (>30% saving).

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Nominate Student For A Bursary

As a careers teacher, you have the opportunity to provide one of your students with a MedEntry bursary which will entitle them to a discount of over 60% off our most popular HPAT package, the Platinum Package (online platform + Dr. Ann's HPAT workshop).

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Free events

Free events

MedEntry extends an open invitation to all careers counsellors, teachers and principals who would like to attend one of our HPAT Workshops. These inspiring workshops are considered by our students to be the highlight of their HPAT preparation. Usually included in our Platinum and Diamond packages, these workshops are free of charge to educators.

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Would you like to arrange a Q & A for your students with MedEntry’s student support officer, free of charge?

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