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What discounts does MedEntry provide?

MedEntry has a commitment to helping those from disadvantaged and under-serviced backgrounds (such as those of low socio-economic status and those from rural or remote areas) to achieve their goals. We have provided over €450,000 of scholarships and discounts to such students over the years.

MedEntry offers various discounts:

    1. The Platinum Group discount. Simply apply as a group of two or three, and all group members will receive a discount of about 30%! Please see the Groups FAQ for more information.
    2. The Teacher/Principal/Lecturer/Professor Nominated Bursary. You will receive €385 off (ie will pay only €260 for the Standard Platinum package, or 60% off). Please see the Teacher/Principal/Lecturer Nominated Bursary FAQ for more information.
    3. Last Year's Student discount. This discount applies to students who enrolled in a MedEntry package in the previous year.
    4. MedEntry Academic discount. You will receive €385 off (ie will pay only €260 for the Standard Platinum package).


Please read the information below for more information on each of these discounts.

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