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Roison McGrath

MedEntry really helped me to study for the HPAT. Their online resources are amazing and there are so many drills to choose from so whatever I was struggling with I could practice. It is also really helpful to be able to do practice exams and get percentiles because percentages don't really mean much in the actual exam! The 2 day course is also really helpful as it got me to think about the exam in a different way and helped me to focus on the results I would like to achieve and the work I would have to put in. I would really recommend this to anyone planning on sitting the HPAT as I was extremely pleased with my results and MedEntry really helped me to get them!

David Joyce

For anyone considering taking the HPAT I would highly recommend MedEntry. The two day course is the best stepping stone for getting started with HPAT preparation. The instructors are knowledgable, well-informed and make the course enjoyable. I would also recommend MedEntry because of their LMS. It is the best way to prepare for the HPAT. It has practice tests, excercises and guides which all aid in preparing for the exam. I would definitely recommend MedEntry to all aspiring doctors.

harry happonen

MedEntry are undoubtedly the sole reason that I will be studying Medicine at UCD next year. Without a doubt, the two days intensive work alongside the online work provided was the biggest contributor to my success.

Kate Gilmore

A concise, informative and necessary course for any student hoping to achieve their potential in the Hpat. It provides you with thousands of preparatory questions and shows you how to best approach each of the question types. The two day course was extremely beneficial as you got to meet other students and discuss questions together. The course instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I found that I was a lot more focused and disciplined after attending the course as it really gets you in the mindset you need to feel ready to attack the questions! On the day of the Hpat my friends and I were much more relaxed knowing that we were prepared for anything the paper could throw at us. There is no doubt that the result I received would have been much lower had I not availed of MedEntry's course. I cannot recommend it enough!

Karen Garvey

Medentry is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to excel at the HPAT exam. The website could not be more helpful and informative and the wide array of drills and exams meant it was difficult to run out of resources! I found the 2 day course to be particularly helpful, especially hearing about the experiences of past Medentry students and their approaches to studying for the exam. The tutor was dedicated and enthusiastic and I felt that I was learning the best possible techniques to master the HPAT. Without a doubt, Medentry was key in achieving my HPAT result. I am delighted with it and am confident now that I will receive a place in medicine.

Ronan O Kelly

Medentry was a great resource in my preparation for the HPAT. It was by far the most beneficial experience I had and no doubt helped me achieve the score I did. Would definitely recommend it.

Cal Franklin

I would highly recommend the MedEntry HPAT prep course. There is an endless supply of practice questions and more than enough exams to see you through your preparation. The two day seminar and LMS are a brilliant combination which really gave me an edge on the day of the exam. All in all Med Entry certainly deliver on their promise to give you some of the best tools available to develop your ability to succeed in the HPAT.

Thomas Russell

Medentry is excellent. Nobody should attempt the Hpat without having taken one of their courses.

Chris Carew

I can't even imagine sitting the HPAT without the help of MedEntry! The practice exams were excellent preparation, by the time of the actual HPAT I felt like I'd done the exam plenty of times already. The two-day workshop was probably the most beneficial of all- apart from the tips and techniques I picked up, the content of the workshop, as well as the encouragement of the speakers there, motivated me to put in the work to do as well as I possibly could in the HPAT in February.

Ruth Walsh

An excellent course for aspiring medical students, I wouldn't have achieved my full potential without their LMS service. It is definitely the best HPAT preparation course, their advice is also extremely helpful and they have vast experience is this field. I have recommended MedEntry to everyone I know who wishes to pursue medicine in the future, I am very grateful for their study material and assistance.

Sean Murray

MedEntry was a brilliant resource for preparing for the HPAT. I did the HPAT twice, the first time I used other preparation material and I just missed out on a place in Medicine. This year I used MedEntry and thankfully, I improved massively and I know I will get a place this year! It's a really difficult exam and I could not recommend MedEntry's course more . The online resources are excellent and you will not find better material anywhere else. The MedEntry team provide great assistance and will answer any questions you have.

Eimear Roche

Medentry was a key factor in my HPAT success. The workshop gave me great insight into how to actually figure out each question and get into the mindset of a tester, the mock exam was extremely beneficial as it was testing conditions and gave us a feel for the real deal. The most useful tool was the online LMS where there are 10 practice exams which are just as if not more difficult than the real HPAT, giving you an edge over other candidates. They also have an app that you can use on your phone which is great for studying when you?ve a few minutes to spare or on public transport.


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