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Online Learning Platform

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MedEntry supports study on desktop, tablet and smartphone


Create an effective HPAT study plan with our interactive, integrated planner.

Easy Planning
Create your plan to ace HPAT with ease, guided by tips on formulating an effective study plan.
Regular Reminders
Receive weekly digests of upcoming tasks and notifications for overdue items.
Full Integration
Sync your study plan with your regular calendar application with a single click!
Progress Tracking
See your progress at a glance, view your performance and access resources easily.


Master key HPAT strategies with our comprehensive, engaging guides.

Comprehensive Resources
Detailed guides that cover everything you need to succeed in each section of HPAT.
Interactive Modules
Hands on learning with sample questions and activities integrated seamlessly into video modules.
Video Instruction
Professional video guides cover all the strategies and techniques you need to excel in HPAT.
Structured Curriculum
An expertly crafted curriculum that guides you through the whole learning process, step by step.


Equip yourself with the most comprehensive and highest quality HPAT platform.

Thousands of Quality Questions
Questions that replicate the style and difficulty of the HPAT, complete with detailed explanations.
Over 140 Training Drills
Master every type of question you will encounter in the HPAT with our comprehensive drills.
Eureka Trainer
Obtain even more practice with an unlimited bank of questions. You’ll never run out of practice material.
Available on the App
Access resources on the exclusive MedEntry App, allowing you to prepare for HPAT on the go.

Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

Interpret data, problem solve, and draw logical conclusions

Example S1

Interpersonal Understanding

Identify, understand and infer thoughts, feelings and behaviour

Example S1

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Reason in the abstract and solve problems in non-verbal contexts

Example S1


Prepare for HPAT effectively with full-length, full strength practice exams.

15 Full Practice Exams
More HPAT practice exams than any other provider: the most effective way to prepare for HPAT.
Retry Questions
Target weak areas and learn from your mistakes by re-attempting incorrectly answered questions.
Comprehensive Solutions
Understand the best way to approach each question with detailed solutions, including video instruction.
Superior Quality
Train for HPAT with the highest quality HPAT practice exams available, which have become famous over the years.


See where you stand and prepare efficiently by targeting your weaknesses.

Predicted Scores
Find out what kind of HPAT score you can expect with percentile feedback and predicted scores.
Recommended Activities
Let our sophisticated platform learn from you and recommend resources to help you boost your score.
Comparative Feedback
See how your performance in each drill, exam and question compares against other students.
Indepth Statistics
Track your performance with detailed feedback and a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses.