HPAT Workshop

Famous for a reason

MedEntry's two-day HPAT workshops have become famous over the years.

They have been carefully crafted to cover the key strategies to HPAT success, in a fun, engaging and interactive environment.

All workshops are run by doctors and academics with expertise in HPAT development and analysis.

All that you need

The workshops cover all three constructs of HPAT.

Students who attend the workshop will also sit a simulated full-length trial exam, and will be provided with feedback (including percentile rankings, an indication of their strengths/weaknesses and predicted HPAT percentiles), which will help plan future preparation.

We strongly recommend that all students attend a workshop.

Sounds Good?

The HPAT workshop is included in our Platinum and Diamond packages

We run workshops all around Ireland

Workshop dates and locations

Two Day HPAT Workshop Reviews

The Program

Day 1
  • Advice from a Medical Student: a current medical student who scored 100th percentile in the HPAT gives students an insight to what it takes to excel at HPAT.
  • Introduction to HPAT: covers 'must knows' about HPAT as well as inside information about how it is developed and scored.
  • Section 1 (Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving): strategies for approaching each type of question in Section 1, including worked examples.
  • Section 2 (Understanding People): strategies for approaching each type of question in Section 2, including worked examples.
  • Pathways / Careers in Health: a discussion of the various pathways into medicine and an overview of what a career in medicine involves.
Day 2
  • Q & A session: have your questions about HPAT and how to best prepare for it answered.
  • Section 3 (Non-Verbal Reasoning): strategies for approaching each type of question in Section 3, including worked examples.
  • HPAT Trial Exam: students sit a full-length practice exam under simulated HPAT conditions. Students have the option to submit their scores for detailed feedback and percentiles.
  • Final tips for HPAT: covers psychological strategies for performing at your best on HPAT test day.

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