HPAT Services

HPAT Services


HPAT Workshops

MedEntry's Two Day workshops have become famous - informative, engaging, interactive and successful.

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Online Platform

MedEntry pioneered online learning for the HPAT: state-of-the-art technology personalises your training.

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Extra HPAT Exams

Get 5 extra exams (on top of the 10 exams that come standard with any package) to turbo-boost your training.

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1-on-1 Training

Get access to one of our highly sought after HPAT coaches for even more focussed and personalised training

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HPAT Grinds

12 x 2 Hour teaching sessions in small groups online with expert HPAT educators. Recordings of sessions allow revision anytime.

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Simulated Exam

This full-length HPAT Exam will provide you with all-important last-minute skill enhancement close to the actual HPAT.

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24/7, 365 Days

Personal Support

The HPAT can be daunting in your final years of high school. We've got your back.

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HPAT Packages

ONLINE Package

The MedEntry Quality Guarantee

Want a Platinum Package absolutely free?

MedEntry is so confident in the quality of our preparation resources, that we have a quality guarantee:

Find any educational institution with higher rated and more reviews than MedEntry, and we will offer
the Platinum Package absolutely free (usual cost €645)!

Most local and overseas HPAT prep companies have ZERO ratings or just a handful. MedEntry has over 1500 Google reviews from around Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK at an average rating of 4.8/5 and over 260 Facebook reviews at 4.8/5.

We are so confident in the unparalleled excellence of the services provided by our Doctors that we can offer this Quality Guarantee.

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