HPAT Preparation Packages

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Returning Students: €320

STATE-OF-THE ART Learning Platform

The Online Learning package is for those who are unable to attend our workshops but want comprehensive & personalised online training.

It includes access to our state of the art online learning platform (Learning Management System) with a gigantic bank of thousands of HPAT questions, practice exams, guides, drills, videos, learning forums and much more.

You can access all resources anytime, anywhere and with any device (mobile, tablet or personal computer) - all you need is an internet connection!




Returning Students: €1125

ONLINE LEARNING + HPAT 2 Day Workshop + Personalised Coaching

The Diamond Package is for those who want the most comprehensive HPAT preparation available.

It includes all the features of the Platinum Package (comprehensive online learning and intensive two day workshop), plus personalised coaching. The coaching includes one-on-one training with a MedEntry tutor.


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  • 10 Full Length HPAT Practice Exams
  • Extensive practice drills for every question type
  • Comprehensive Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving Construct Strategy Guide
  • Comprehensive Understanding People Construct Strategy Guide
  • Comprehensive Non-Verbal Reasoning Construct Strategy Guide
  • General HPAT Skills Strategy Guide
  • Detailed Video Guides
  • Emotions Vocabulary Game
  • Eureka! Question Trainer
  • INSTANT Access to Learning Management System (LMS)
  • 100s of Hours of Skill Development
  • Solutions to ACER Practice Questions
  • Interview Strategies Guide
  • University Admissions Course Guide
  • GAMSAT Written Communication Guide
  • Online Learning Forums
  • Personalised Study Planner
  • Customisable Learning Calendar



The Platinum Package includes all the features in the Platinum Package, as well as the following features:


    • One-on-one HPAT coaching