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Which HPAT prep course?

As a student it is very difficult to choose between the various HPAT prep course providers. It is even more difficult to do so when you are bombarded with hype, myths and misinformation through slick and deceptive marketing strategies.

You are only going to be able to improve your HPAT results if you prepare using questions that simulate the real HPAT. Students are too often mislead by purchasing HPAT practice tests and HPAT questions that show little, if any resemblance to the HPAT itself. An example of this is HPAT prep courses that include LSAT questions. The HPAT does not have questions like those in the LSAT and therefore students are wasting their money by purchasing these questions and practice papers. Do not choose your HPAT prep course based on free sample questions. Generally, poor HPAT prep courses will provide a few good quality free sample questions to draw students in, but the quality of rest of their preparation resources and materials is sub-par.

Remember that anyone can publish information on internet websites, blogs and forums. HPAT prep course providers will manipulate their websites and the information they upload in order to make their courses seem more popular and rank higher amongst search results. Be cautious and only trust information from genuine HPAT websites and HPAT learning forums.

Beware of HPAT preparation companies that mislead students by claiming that they are Registered Training Organisations. There is the only one Registered Training Organisation offering HPAT prep and is the only one whose course which is nationally accredited by the government (MedEntry HPAT Preparation).

As in most cases, word of mouth referrals are best. By asking around and speaking to students who have completed HPAT courses you will be able to gauge whether or not the course they did, and the preparation materials and resources they received, were worthwhile or a waste of money.

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