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HPAT Anxiety

Knowing that the HPAT is getting closer may cause you to feel some HPAT anxiety. While a small amount of HPAT anxiety or HPAT nervousness is good for HPAT test takers, too much can hinder your performance in the HPAT test and consequentially bring down your HPAT score.

The following list includes all of the typical signs of HPAT anxiety for you to look out for leading up to the HPAT:

    • Mental blank out – eg. knowing the answers before and after the HPAT (or practice tests)


    • Negative thoughts


    • Difficulty concentrating – eg. Racing thoughts


    • Nausea


    • Sweating


    • Headaches


    • Tense muscles

Whilst there are a number of factors that can cause these symptoms of HPAT anxiety, there are many ways you can overcome your HPAT anxiety and thus perform to your best in the HPAT exam.

Cause #1 of HPAT anxiety: You are not very familiar with the HPAT

It is important that you confront the HPAT and find out about it so that you can eliminate any HPAT anxiety that is caused by uncertainty – eg. What it entails, what you will be assessed on, how long it is, how many questions etc. The basic facts about the HPAT can be easily accessed online via the ACER website or any other HPAT websites.

Cause #2 of HPAT anxiety: You feel that you are unprepared for the HPAT

If you feel unprepared for the HPAT exam you should create an organised HPAT study schedule so that you have time to take HPAT practice tests, familiarise yourself with thedifferent types of HPAT questions and most importantly work on any areas of weakness you may have regarding the HPAT.

Cause #3 of HPAT anxiety: You have physical signs of HPAT anxiety

Physical and mental tension cause by HPAT stress can reinforce itself and build up gradually over time. To combat this, it can be extremely beneficial to practice some stress and tension relief exercises.  Also make sure you are taking care of your body and your mind. Make sure you eat well, do regular exercise and get a good amount of sleep. Over studying and over preparing will hinder your performance in the HPAT. A good balance between study and leisure will help maximise your performance on the HPAT test.

Cause #4 of HPAT anxiety:  The HPAT ‘test environment’ affects you

The supervisor of the HPAT will try to make the environment favourable for test taking, however they cannot control everything. Wear comfy clothes (layers are good because the room could be cold or warm and you won’t know until you get there) and try to minimise distractions, for example, don’t arrive to early or too late – know the location of the HPAT test centre and possible traffic conditions. Sit by yourself before the HPAT test, as the nervousness of others surrounding you can be contagious.

The three keys for HPAT Success are: Preparation, Organisation and Practice. By implementing the tips above, you will be able to control your nerves and anxiety so that they don’t affect you on the HPAT test day and consequently your HPAT results.

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