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Are HPAT Courses a waste of money?

Organisations such as the ACER like to promote the myth that HPAT courses are a waste of money. This is because ACER has a hidden agenda.

Newspapers like to run stories with headlines such as: “HPAT prep courses declared waste of money”, or “HPAT courses a waste of money”, or “Are HPAT preparatory courses time well spent or a waste of money?”, or “Private courses branded PreMed are a waste of money” etc. Such articles create apprehension, doubt and fear among students and parents, so newspapers publish them to sell more newspapers.

Furthermore, those who have vested interests rally and argue against such courses or providers of such courses by making false, negative or defamatory comments about individuals under a cloak of anonymity. Truths about HPAT Preparation provides some useful information.

So why does ACER claim that HPAT preparation courses do not help? Well, there are many reasons and some of them are discussed under HPAT News and HPAT FAQ.

In summary, ACER’s misleading statements are due to the fact that:

    1. HPAT Preparation makes ACER’s job of creating the test paper harder.


    1. All psychological tests are based on deception (eg. placebo – see above links for details)


    1. ACER thinks that by making such claims, they will create a level playing field.


    1. By providing poor quality of preparation, some HPAT Preparation colleges do mislead, hence the importance of ‘Buyer Beware’.


    1. ACER’s stance has shifted constantly regarding HPAT Preparation (see above links).

In the three to five years that students spend at university, universities claim to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, interpersonal understanding and abstract reasoning. So it is illogical to say that such skills can not be developed.

The practice HPAT tests provided by ACER are easier than the real HPAT (and do not simulate the HPAT well). They are designed to lull you into a fasle sense of security. By providing such deceptive practice HPAT tests ACER is in fact misleading students.

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