University Admissions

University Admissions

Entry Requirements for Medicine

As a school leaver, for you to be eligible for entry into undergraduate medicine, you must:

  1. Achieve a minimum of 480 points in the Leaving Certificate
  2. Meet the minimum entry requirements for each Medical School to which you are interested in applying
  3. Complete the HPAT-Ireland test

Note: criteria 1 and 2 must both be met in the same sitting of the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination.

Entry into medicine in Ireland is based upon the addition of:

  • Your adjusted leaving certificate score
  • Your score in HPAT

The minimum number of points varies year to year, but a total of at least 725 points is usually required.

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Leaving Certificate Points

The minimum points required for entry into medicine is set at 480. Realistically, however, you will need at least 520 points in the leaving certificate to have a reasonable chance of getting into medicine. In determining entry into medicine, Leaving Certificate Examination points are adjusted as follows:

  • Students who obtain 550 points or less: no adjustment to points
  • Students who obtain higher than 550 points: each additional 5 points achieved over 550 points is adjusted to 1 point. Therefore, the highest adjusted leaving certificate points possible when applying for medicine is 565.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Each university offering undergraduate medicine has different minimum subject requirements. These are listed in the table below.

HPAT Overall Score

HPAT The maximum score that can be achieved in HPAT is theoretically 300, but in reality anyone who gets 200 or more has done exceptionally well in HPAT, and is in the top 1% of candidates sitting HPAT. Most students sitting HPAT achieve scores of between 130 and 170.

The Bottom Line

Because any leaving certificate points over 550 are adjusted downwards, and because most students applying for medicine will achieve leaving certificate points in the range of 550, the main distinguishing factor between applicants is performance in the HPAT. Many students with perfect leaving certificate points of 625 have missed out on a place in medicine, and some students with points as low as 560 have obtained scholarships to study medicine due to their outstanding HPAT scores.

Essentially, performing well in the HPAT is critical to getting into medicine.

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