Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning

Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning

Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning

What is Non-Verbal Reasoning?

This section is designed to test your non-verbal reasoning and visuospatial skills. You need to find logical patterns within figures and use these patterns to arrive at the answer. While many students find this section very difficult initially, it is the easiest to improve on quickly.

Why is it important in medicine?

The main focus of this section is problem solving and reasoning. It tests your ability to identify trends, patterns and relationships from a large amount of information. This is very relevant to work as a health professional.

What is the structure of HPAT Section 3?





80 sec

Per Question

There are 30 questions to be answered in 40 minutes. This is an average of 80 seconds per question.

What are the main types of HPAT Non-Verbal Reasoning questions?

There are a number of different question types including:

  • Pick the Middle
  • Next in the Sequence
  • Missing Segment
Example Question - Non-Verbal Reasoning

Section 3 Question 63

Recommended Time - 80 seconds

The five figures can be rearranged to form a logical sequence.

Select the alternative that would most logically and simply be in the middle of the sequence.

Question 63 Options

What strategies can be used to solve Non-Verbal Reasoning questions?

There are many strategies that can be used to approach section 3 questions. These include:

  • Find the simplest pattern. The simplest pattern is the correct one. Start by looking for simple patterns and if these do not work, move onto more complicated patterns.
  • Do the minimum work. If you can work out the pattern of one component of the image, you may be able to rule out a number of incorrect answer options. You may not need to work out all the pattern of all of the components to obtain the correct answer, so only work out what you have to.
  • Process of Elimination. This involves ruling out incorrect options, which increases your chances of guessing the correct answer if you run out of time.

There are many more strategies which can be used to solve questions quickly and accurately, which are discussed in detail in the MedEntry HPAT Course.

You can start by testing your ability in HPAT Section 2 with MedEntry’s free exam.

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