5 Extra Practice Exams

5 Extra Practice Exams

All MedEntry students have access to 10 full-length practice exams as part of their Online Learning, Platinum or Diamond package.

Get the edge on the competition

For those who want even more high quality practice, we are offering an additional 5 full length exams, made available to you on the Learning Management System. They include all you expect from MedEntry exams: high quality questions that simulate HPAT, fully worked solutions, percentile rankings, feedback and much more.

Get the edge on the other students sitting the HPAT with these full length, full strength exams!

€90* / €150

* If purchased at the same time as purchasing your base package

You must have an Online, Platinum or Diamond package to purchase this addon (or you can purchase it in combination with one of these packages at a discounted rate)