Smartphone Application

Smartphone Application

MedEntry Smartphone App

Practice for the HPAT wherever you go

Included with any core MedEntry Package





HPAT Preparation Anytime, Any Place

Our new app is loaded with drills, questions and guides for HPAT prep on the go. The app will:

  • provide access to thousands of questions from each of the three HPAT sections
  • include detailed guides and solutions to show you exactly how to approach each question
  • keep you in touch with other MedEntry students via discussion forums
Study for the HPAT on desktop, tablet or smartphone

Instant Access, Anywhere!

With MedEntry you'll be able to access your HPAT materials anywhere, anytime and any place. Whether you're at home, at school or on the bus you can access and use the LMS from your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. All you need is an internet connection and you're good to go!