Multi-Year Packages

Multi-Year Packages

Custom Packages For Younger Students

Are you thinking of studying medicine and want to get a head start on preparing for the HPAT?

MedEntry have special packages available for 4th and 5th Year students

What Year Are You Currently In?

4th Year

Up to three years MedEntry access with a discount

5th Year

Up to two years MedEntry access with a discount

Practice Makes Perfect

Research shows that the more time you put into HPAT preparation, the higher chance you have of achieving a top score.

Furthermore, as HPAT is a skills-based exam, regular practice over a long period of time is the most effective way to prepare.

When can I sit the HPAT?

You can sit HPAT in February of 6th Year or any year thereafter (for example, at university, during a gap year or postgraduate degree).

You should sit HPAT the year before you are planning to study medicine, as HPAT scores are only valid for one year.


4th Year
(access until February  2024)
5th Year
(access until February  2023)
Online Learning Platform access
(Saving of €90)
(Saving of €90)
Online Package + 2-Day Workshop
(Saving of €90)
(Saving of €90)
Online Package + 2-Day Workshop + Tutoring
(Saving of €340)
(Saving of €150)