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Life isn’t the only thing full of surprises. The upcoming HPAT exam could hold a range of new, never-before-seen questions and it is important to know how to deal with these in an exam situation.  The first step is to identify these types of questions in reading time. When looking through your HPAT exam booklet, mentally note these questions and have them simmering away in the back of your mind. By doing so, you’ll be better prepared for these “surprises” and less likely to panic when you go on to attempt these questions. When writing time begins, start doing the questions...
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Easy HPAT questions have obvious and popular answers: how to avoid falling into HPAT answer traps!

As you complete more and more practice HPAT exams you may start to notice the following HPAT trend: Easy HPAT questions have obvious and popular answers, whilst hard HPAT questions have unexpected and unpopular answers. It helps to think of HPAT questions as popularity contests. The answer to an easy question is the most popular choice. The answer to a difficult question is the least popular choice. In other words, popular HPAT answer choices on difficult questions are traps. If you think about the HPAT for a moment, you’ll realise that questions have to be designed this way. Since a multiple-choice...
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HPAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in HPAT multichoice

Process of Elimination or POE in HPAT: the best of a bad bunch.       Comprehensive advice from the team at MedEntry HPAT preparation.   Once you have established what the HPAT question is asking you need to act efficiently and narrow down your options to reach the correct answer. Using the Process of Elimination or POE method can greatly improve your chances of scoring highly on the HPAT because it provides a way of tackling questions where there seems to be no ideal answer. Firstly, be wary of simply picking what you perceive, at first glance, to be the correct answer. There are often several choices that are ‘distractors’:...
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