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Improving your HPAT skills in Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving / Section 1

Rather than assessing your knowledge, the HPAT is an exam which isolates certain deductive skills that will be important in work as a doctor and requires you to apply them in various scenarios. Therefore, if you wish to succeed in the HPAT, you will need to nurture these skills, sharpen them and know exactly when to use them. If your eager mind has begun this uphill climb towards HPAT success and if you have thoroughly scoured the LMS and still seek ways to better your logical reasoning, this guide will show you how.   Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving questions in...
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HPAT test tactics and preparation part 10: coping with HPAT stress and anxiety on HPAT test day

Pressure, pressure: coping with nerves and stress on the actual HPAT test day. Having done HPAT practice exam, after practice exam, after practice exam, most HPAT candidates will be raring to go come July 31st. Whilst HPAT preparation is key to your HPAT success, it is not the only factor that will affect your HPAT performance on the actual HPAT test day. Being able to cope with the nerves and anxiety that inevitably appear on the day of the HPAT exam will be the key strength that will help you out-perform your fellow HPAT candidates. Perhaps the only thing separating two equally intelligent HPAT...
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HPAT test tactics and preparation part 7: worded mathematical problems

Worded mathematical problems on the HPAT exam: translating worded problems into mathematical symbols. Comprehenisve HPAT advice from the team at MedEntry HPAT preparation. Possibly the most confusing questions on the HPAT exam, worded mathematical problems can actually be solved relatively easily if you understand how the question is written and what the words of the question really mean in mathematical terms. Prior to solving worded mathematical problems on the HPAT exam, it is essential that you are comfortable with translating words into mathematical symbols. Below is a partial list of words and their mathematical equivalents. You should know these by heart before...
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HPAT test tactics and preparation part 6: statistics problems on the HPAT exam

comprehensive HPAT advice from the team at MedEntry HPAT preparation.   How to approach statistics problems on the HPAT exam: Frequently a feature of HPAT multi choice, understanding the language of statistics and how to answer those questions involving statistics on the HPAT exam is essential for HPAT success. Below, we have explained, as succinctly as possible, what you need to know in order to answer this style of  HPAT question. Statistics is the study of the patterns and relationships of numbers and data. There are four main concepts that may appear on the HPAT exam. Median When a set of numbers...
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HPAT test tactics and preparation part 4: HPAT probability questions

comprehensive UMAT advice from the team at MedEntry HPAT preparation.       Probability questions in the HPAT: you're probably reading this sentence right now...  We know what probability means, but what is its formal definition? Let's use our everyday logic to define it. If there is no chance that an event will occur, then its probability of occurring should be 0. On the other extreme, if an event is certain to occur, then its probability of occurring should be 100%, or 1. Hence, we can deduce that  probability will be a number between 0 and 1, inclusive. But what kind of number?...
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HPAT test tactics and preparation part 2: Process of Elimination in HPAT multichoice

Process of Elimination or POE in HPAT: the best of a bad bunch.       Comprehensive advice from the team at MedEntry HPAT preparation.   Once you have established what the HPAT question is asking you need to act efficiently and narrow down your options to reach the correct answer. Using the Process of Elimination or POE method can greatly improve your chances of scoring highly on the HPAT because it provides a way of tackling questions where there seems to be no ideal answer. Firstly, be wary of simply picking what you perceive, at first glance, to be the correct answer. There are often several choices that are ‘distractors’:...
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HPAT Anxiety

Knowing that the HPAT is getting closer may cause you to feel some HPAT anxiety. While a small amount of HPAT anxiety or HPAT nervousness is good for HPAT test takers, too much can hinder your performance in the HPAT test and consequentially bring down your HPAT score. The following list includes all of the typical signs of HPAT anxiety for you to look out for leading up to the HPAT: Mental blank out – eg. knowing the answers before and after the HPAT (or practice tests)   Negative thoughts   Difficulty concentrating – eg. Racing thoughts   Nausea   Sweating...
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HPAT Advice

HPAT advice: Analysing a HPAT question To analyse, you must look closely at a problem, break it down into parts and understand how they all fit together. It is important to develop a way of keeping track of the mechanics of the problem so that you can recall how everything fits together as you work through long problems or a problem with several associated questions. This can be done through writing out a formula on the side of the problem, drawing little mind maps or diagrams, underlining key phrases or simply putting a line through what you have already worked through...
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