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Written communication assessment criteria for HPAT Ulster

What is the written communication assessment criteria for the HPAT Ulster?

HPAT Ulster markers consider two broad HPAT Ulster criteria when marking your HPAT Ulster essay:

HPAT Ulster essay criterium 1: What you say in your HPAT Ulster essay

i.e thought and content (the quality of what is said)

• what is made of and developed from the task in your HPAT Ulster essay
• the kinds of thoughts and feelings offered in your HPAT Ulster essay in response to the task

HPAT Ulster essay criterium 2: How your HPAT Ulster essay expresses your ideas

i.e organisation and expression (the quality of the structure developed and the language used)

• the shape and form of your HPAT Ulster essay
• the effectiveness and fluency of the language used in your HPAT Ulster essay

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