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What is the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster?

What is the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster?

In section 3 of the HPAT Ulster test, there are two HPAT Ulster 30-minute writing tasks. One essay requires students to synthesise graphically presented information relating to social issues and the other, is a reflective style essay. Section three of the HPAT Ulster is designed to assess how well you can express your ideas in writing—that is, make an argument using clear and specific examples, solid reasoning and fluent language. It is not simply an assessment of "what you know," and it isn't a spelling or grammar test. Many colleges regard this as one of the most important elements of the HPAT Ulster, because essays are often an important part of university evaluation.

How is the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster marked?

Each HPAT Ulster writing task is graded using a set of specifically designed HPAT Ulster essay assessment criteria. Assessment focuses on the way in which ideas are integrated into a purposeful and relevant response to the HPAT Ulster task. You will not be assessed on the correctness of the ideas or attitudes you display. Each of your HPAT Ulster essays will be marked by at least two raters working independently.

What exactly does the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster entail?

In one of the HPAT Ulster essays, students are usually required to produce a writing piece based on several famous quotes about human values or behaviour, such as An individual person responsible, through his or her example, for the behaviour of others. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer to the HPAT essay question; you may present any point of view you wish.

How can I make my HPAT Ulster essay stand out above the rest?

Writing an argumentative essay for the HPAT Ulster exam is not like writing a story or a letter to a friend. In the HPAT Ulster essay, your job is not to entertain but to persuade. You may be funny and creative if you wish, but your primary task is to explain and support an interesting point of view, not to impress someone with flowery language or cute observations.

A good persuasive HPAT Ulster essay respects the reader's intelligence, yet explains an argument carefully. Although you can assume that your readers are smart and well-read, you cannot assume that they think exactly as you do, or that they will fill in logical gaps for you. You must show your reasoning clearly.

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