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Our IT engineers have been working hard to deliver the most intuitive, personalised and effective HPAT platform available. We are excited to have launched this platform for our students sitting the HPAT in 2021.

Some of the LMS resources have moved around. Here is a summary of where they can now be found:

HPAT Structured Learning Curriculum

MedEntry’s HPAT guides and HPAT video guides are now available on the Learn page (accessible by clicking ‘Learn’ on the LMS homepage, or ‘Learn’ in the HPAT drop-down menu): 

HPAT Practice Exams, HPAT Drills and the Eureka HPAT Question Trainer

HPAT Drills and the Eureka Question Trainer can now be found on the Practice page (click on ‘Practice’ on the LMS homepage, or ‘Practice’ in the HPAT drop-down menu):

Click on a section to view the available HPAT Drills:

Below the HPAT drill categories, you can access the Eureka Question Trainer.

HPAT Practice Exams can now be found on the Simulate page (accessible by clicking ‘Simulate’ on the LMS homepage, or ‘Simulate’ in the HPAT drop-down menu):

Track HPAT Progress Page

The revamped Check Progress page can now be found under Track (accessible by clicking ‘Track’ in the HPAT drop-down menu):

Favourite HPAT Questions and Profile Settings

These pages can now be found in the drop-down menu under your name. You can access your bookmarked HPAT questions and guides, as well as change HPAT practice exam / drill settings and notifications:

MedEntry’s new HPAT Learning Platform also has many new, exciting features, including:

  • An interactive HPAT study planner
  • A community page with a weekly HPAT question for discussion
  • HPAT skills trainers
  • Improved tracking of your HPAT performance

Stay tuned for our next blog which will describe these new features in detail.

If you have any feedback on the new HPAT platform, we would love to hear from you! Happy preparing! 

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