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Speed Up Your HPAT Video Guides


MedEntry is delighted to release a much-requested enhancement to the video player on the HPAT Online Learning Platform.

You can now change the playback speed of MedEntry HPAT video guides! To change the speed, click on the 1x button, and a menu containing four speed options will appear:

Simply select your speed, and start learning! This helpful update will allow to move through the HPAT video guides at your preferred pace.

MedEntry students have access to over 50 HPAT video guides, covering:

  • How to effectively prepare for HPAT
  • Strategies for approaching HPAT Section 1 (Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving) questions
  • Strategies for approaching HPAT Section 2 (Interpersonal Understanding) questions
  • Strategies for approaching HPAT Section 3 (Non-Verbal Reasoning) questions
  • How to cultivate the right mindset to succeed in HPAT

And much more!


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