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Putting the HPAT in perspective


6th year - exams littered throughout the semester, assignments that pile up, and extra-curricular activities that take up chunks of time. When you throw HPAT preparation into the mix, it’s easy to see why your senior year can often seem like a very stressful time of your life.

In amongst all this, its easy to lose track of what is going on and to blow things out of proportion. If you are reading this, you probably realise that HPAT is a significant test, however it’s important to understand that HPAT is not a be all and end all. Often you hear of students who believe that their entire life hinges on the outcome of this one test, and as a result they get extremely anxious about it and often end up performing more poorly then they otherwise would have.

Having the perspective that HPAT is just one avenue into medicine and that a bad score is not the end of any aspirations to study a medical degree can actually help you perform better on the day than if you build it up to be something bigger than it is.

If you have done preparation through MedEntry than you can walk into the test venue in February knowing that you have a leg up over all those who are seeing HPAT-style questions for the first time. You will know what it’s like to do a two-and-a-half hour exam, you will understand how to approach different types of question. This gives you the confidence that when you walk in on the day of the test, you are ready to give HPAT a red-hot crack.

Best of luck for your ongoing preparations!

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Based on a blog written by Jeremy, who achieved in the 100th Percentile in the UMAT (Similar to HPAT) and who has a provisional position in the University of Queensland MD program.

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