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New LMS Feature – Exam Review Progress Tracking


After completing a practice exam on the LMS, we strongly recommend that you spend considerable time reviewing your answers.

Since this process can take a long time, and may need to be done over multiple sessions, the LMS will now keep track of you are up to in each of your exam reviews.

For example, if you were reviewing Exam 5, Question 73, and you close the LMS – the system will remember which part of the Exam you are reviewing, and the next time you continue the exam review, you will be taken directly to this question.

You can review an exam in several ways:

  1. By clicking on “Solutions” in the “Review/Attempt” column of the exams page (accessible through the UMAT course main page):


  2. By clicking on “View Solutions” on the main exam page:


  3. By clicking on “View fully worked solutions” for an exam on the Check Progress page (accessible by clicking on the Exams/Drills progress bars on the LMS home page):


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