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HPAT will run online in 2022, for the second year ever, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MedEntry students will have a significant advantage going into HPAT 2022 as they will have been used to practicing on an online platform that functions very similarly to the ACER HPAT platform.

However, there are some functional differences between the traditional MedEntry platform and the ACER HPAT platform. Therefore, changes have been made to the MedEntry platform to ensure that students sitting HPAT in 2022 are well prepared, and there are no surprises on HPAT test day. This blog summarises the changes.

There will be a digital timer

In the in-person HPAT, students are not allowed any time keeping devices aside from an analogue watch. Digital watches or stop watches are not permitted.

In contrast, the online ACER HPAT platform provides an inbuilt digital timer. Students sitting HPAT 2022 will not be allowed to have a watch or other time keeping device. Instead, they must use the digital timer which is inbuilt into the HPAT online platform.

Therefore, the MedEntry platform will now have a digital timer that will appear as a default when completing an exam. Students can change the timer to an analogue clock if they wish (this may be useful, for example, for students who will be sitting HPAT in 2023 or thereafter).

Answer options (A, B, C, D, E) will not be displayed

In the in-person HPAT, each option has an associated letter (A, B, C, D, E) that students must select and fill in a hard-copy answer sheet.

However, the online ACER HPAT platform does not include the letters A, B, C, D, E. This can make the application of certain techniques (for example, mapping) more challenging.

MedEntry has removed answer option letters from exams on the online platform so that students become accustomed to completing questions without letters.

Students will be encouraged to not use the answer sheet

MedEntry students have access to a printable answer sheet that is almost identical to the one that is provided in the in-person HPAT. However, when HPAT is run online, an answer sheet is not used, as responses are inputted directly into the HPAT ACER online platform.

Therefore, MedEntry students who are sitting HPAT in 2022 will be encouraged NOT to use the printable answer sheet. The answer sheet will still be available for students who may be sitting HPAT in 2023 or thereafter.

There will be no ‘hide option’ feature

In the in-person HPAT, students can use the process of elimination to rule out incorrect options by crossing out options that they believe are incorrect. The MedEntry platform has a ‘hide option’ feature to simulate this process.

However, the online ACER HPAT platform will not have a ‘hide option’ feature, or an ability to cross out incorrect options, so this feature will be disabled on the MedEntry platform.

There will be no highlighter or pen feature

In the in-person HPAT, students can underline, circle and make annotations on the text using their pencil. The MedEntry platform as a highlighter, eraser and pen feature to simulate this process.

However, underlining or highlighting text is not possible in the online ACER HPAT platform. Therefore, these features will be disabled for exams on the MedEntry platform.

Students sitting HPAT online in 2022 will be allowed to use two pieces of A4 scratch paper or an erasable whiteboard, but will not be able to make notes on the platform itself. Therefore the pen feature will be disabled for exams on the MedEntry platform.

For more information on how HPAT 2022 will run, check out our blog.

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