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HPAT 2021: What Should I do Now to Prepare


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and for the first time ever, HPAT 2021 will be taking place online. You may be wondering how this affects your HPAT preparation, and what you should do now to prepare effectively for HPAT 2021. This blog offers five tips.

1. Organise your HPAT 2021 equipment

It is important to check that you have all the equipment that you require to take part in HPAT 2021. MedEntry recommends doing this now, in case you have to make arrangements or purchase additional equipment.

The equipment that you require to sit HPAT is outlined in detail in the HPAT 2021 Information booklet

Importantly, you will need the following:

  • Desktop computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone (tablets and mobile phones are not suitable)
  • Internet speed of at least 2 Mbps download/upload
  • Mirror or other reflective device (to show the proctor the testing environment)
  • Preferably a wired keyboard and wired mouse*

*MedEntry strongly recommends that students use a wired mouse when sitting HPAT 2021. If you do not have one, it is recommended that you purchase one to plug into your device prior to the test. This will enable you to quickly and easily navigate the ACER online testing platform.

2. Decide where you will sit HPAT 2021

To sit HPAT 2021, you will need a space with a suitable desk/chair and clear workspace. The space should be private and quiet, and somewhere you will not be interrupted for the duration of the test. It is recommended that you choose a location that is near an internet router to ensure stability and speed of your internet connection.

If you will be sitting the test from home, it is recommended that you inform your family or others that you are living with of the date you will be sitting HPAT. Ensure that they will not be present in the vicinity, or will be quiet for the duration of HPAT 2021.

3. Simulate the experience of HPAT 2021

HPAT 2021 will take place differently to HPAT in previous years, and future years. Therefore, some of the functionalities of the MedEntry online platform will not be relevant for HPAT 2021. We suggest that you stop using the following features on the MedEntry online platform, in order to better simulate the experience of sitting HPAT 2021:

  • Highlighter and eraser feature
  • Pen feature
  • Pop out stimulus feature
  • Hide incorrect answers feature

Note: MedEntry’s trial and simulated exams have these features disabled.

MedEntry also strongly recommends that you start using two pieces of A4 scratch paper and a pencil/eraser/sharpener for your rough working when sitting HPAT practice exams, as this is what you will have access to in HPAT 2021.

4. Refine your HPAT timing technique

In previous years, students were only able to use an analogue watch when sitting HPAT. For HPAT 2021, there will be an inbuilt timer in the ACER testing platform, likely digital.

Watches are banned for HPAT 2021. Therefore, you should stop using any watches when preparing.

On the MedEntry platform, you can now ‘toggle’ between a digital and analogue timer. If you are sitting HPAT 2021, we suggest changing your timer to digital while preparing for the exam. Once you have changed your timer preference, this will be saved for all future exam and drill attempts. You can change it back to analogue at any time.



5. Stay up to date on developments for HPAT 2021

ACER will be releasing further information to candidates regarding HPAT 2021 in the coming weeks. It is important that you check your registered email address for updates. MedEntry will also be providing updates to our students via the MedEntry newsletter.

While the changes or HPAT 2021 may be causing you some stress, remember that everyone sitting HPAT is in the same boat. Furthermore, if you are a MedEntry student, you will already be well prepared for online, computerised testing given you have been completing HPAT exams on the online learning platform. You should therefore feel confident that you are well ahead of other HPAT candidates.

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