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ACER has announced that HPAT-Ireland results will not be released until after the Leaving Certificate examinations are complete. ACER anticipates that this will occur around August and will notify students of the exact date once it is confirmed. Normally, HPAT-Ireland results are released in late June each year. The delay in release of HPAT-Ireland results is due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting impact upon schooling in Ireland.  

As you may be aware, 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations are tentatively scheduled for later than usual, starting at the end of July or early August. Whether they will actually occur at that time is not guaranteed, with a Teacher's Union of Ireland advisory document stating, "That will entirely depend on the advice to be given by the health authorities in early June... If the advice is that it is not safe, they will not proceed. Everything is subject to considerations of public health."

Minister for Education Joe McHugh is looking to confirm a start date of Leaving Certificate Examinations on 29th July, but final details as to the structure of the exam and the timetable is expected to be announced in the first week of June.

While ACER anticipates the examinations ending sometime in August, depending on how the Leaving Certificate timetable is set out when it is announced in June, the examinations could potentially extend into September. This will, in turn, influence when HPAT-Ireland results will be released.

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HPAT Results to be released in mid-June
Coronavirus and HPAT

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