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5 Tips for the last fortnight


HPAT is well and truly close now and it’s time to streamline your study and buckle down! Here are five ways to make sure you’re using the next two weeks to set you up for success on HPAT day.

1. Use your practice exams wisely

A practice exam is only a practice exam if you’re doing it in exam conditions. HPAT is a marathon and your MedEntry and ACER exams are your trial runs so use them to recreate HPAT as much as you possibly can. HPAT isn’t just about the questions, it’s about building your stamina, working on your time management, and managing your crunch time stress. Lots of really clever people are brought down by the length of HPAT and burn out halfway through. Now is the time to make sure you’re still going when you get to question 110.

2. Stop putting off your least favourite questions

No one likes doing things they’re not so great at but now is the time you really need to be focusing on those less strong areas and boosting them up as much as you can. MedEntry does a fantastic job of writing wonderful full explanations in the drills and exams. These are invaluable when working on those sections that aren’t as strong as your others.

3. Study with friends

An hour studying with friends is worth 3 alone! Studying with friends will help you see new ways of answering and approaching questions and even time management, it’s almost like having your own team of tutors! Teaching others is also a really great way to learn yourself so even if you feel like you don’t need so much help with HPAT helping out and teaching your friends is a great way to help you too.

4. Work on your HPAT day game plan

If you haven't already, finalise your technique for the exam - including how you are going to time yourself for each section, what your guessing technique will be, and how you will approach each of the major question types. Also ensure you have everything you need for HPAT test day.

5. Take care of your whole self

You’re so close now! This would be the worst time to catch a cold or just start feeling generally under the weather physically or emotionally. You need to make sure you’re eating right, getting outside, and taking care of your mental health. When you’re studying so hard and under so much stress it can be easy to let aspects of your health slip so right now it’s so important that you’re taking care of number one.

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