HPAT Score and Leaving Cert Points Calculator

  • In 2021, the Total Score needed to guarantee a place in medicine was 738. The Total Score to guarantee entry to University College Dublin was 743.
  • Total Score is made up of Adjusted Leaving Cert Points plus HPAT Score. For more information about adjusted Leaving Cert points and HPAT scores, please visit https://www.medentry-hpat.ie/resources/university-admissions
  • Students must achieve 480 leaving cert points or higher to gain entry to medicine.
Calculate the HPAT Score I need
Calculate the Leaving Cert Points I need

With unadjusted Leaving Cert points of 0, you will require a HPAT score of 730 or better to reach your desired total score of 730.

Note that it is very difficult to achieve a HPAT score greater than 200. Less than 1% of candidates achieve this.

Note that the HPAT score you require is higher than the highest score achieved in the country last year

When is HPAT?

HPAT 2022 is unscheduled, however testing will most likely take place on the 19th February 2022.