2019 Simulated HPAT Exam

MedEntry is giving you an opportunity to gain valuable additional exam practice close to the actual HPAT exam to be held on February 23rd, 2019.

MedEntry will be conducting an alternative full-length simulated HPAT Exam to provide you with some all-important last-minute skill enhancement.

The 2019 Simulated HPAT exam will consist of 110 questions combining each of the 3 question types (Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-Verbal Reasoning) in the same format as in the actual test.

The exam will be held under real exam conditions and will have a strict 2 1/2 hour time limit and the questions will simulate the actual HPAT.

This exam is available to all students, regardless of whether you are a current MedEntry student or not.

For our Platinum and Diamond package holders who have already completed the trial exam on day 2 of your workshop, you now also have an opportunity to sit this different supplementary simulated HPAT exam.

This alternative exam will be conducted on the following days:

  • Dublin 10 February
  • Galway 19 February
  • Cork 17 February

Registrations for the Dublin and Cork Simulated HPAT Exams will commence at 11:30am and the exam will conclude at approximately 2:30pm. Registrations for the Galway Simulated HPAT Exam will commence at 11.45am and the exam will conclude at approximately 2:45 pm.

Answers and detailed fully worked solutions will be available.

If you desire, you will also be provided with your percentile rank in comparison with the nationwide MedEntry HPAT cohort and your expected HPAT percentile rank. You will also be provided with an indication of your strengths and weaknesses and the likelihood of being offered a medical school place. Please note this is optional.

To book your place in this alternative exam, please go to your My MedEntry log-in, and proceed to purchase this product in the MedEntry Shop. You will be able to book your place once the purchase is complete.

Details of the exact location will be emailed to you about two working days prior to the exam.

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Sunday 10th February 2019
National College of Ireland

It will be held in the Lecture Theatre 3 of the National College of Ireland (http://www.ncirl.ie/)




Sunday 17th February 2019
Marymount University Hospital

It will be held in the Auditorium of Marymount University Hospital, Curaheen. A map can be found at:




Tuesday 19th February 2019

It will be held at the Menlo Park Hotel & Conference Centre (Terryland, Headford Road, Galway) in the Walter Macken Room.

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If you are not already a registered user, please register at www.medentry-hpat.ie. You will have to activate your account registration and complete your profile in order to gain access to the shop.

  • In My MedEntry, go to the shop (shopping cart) icon.
  • Scroll down until you find the "2019 Simulated HPAT Exam" heading, and proceed to purchase.
  • For details on how to purchase from the shop, go to https://www.medentry-hpat.ie/faq/purchasing
  • You will receive a tax invoice email confirming your purchase. If you pay by cheque or money order you will receive this email once funds are cleared.
  • Once your payment has cleared, you be able to access the shop and book your place in one of the exam events.
  • To reserve your place go to MyMedentry and click on the "2019 Simulated HPAT Exam" icon and proceed to reserve your preferred date and place.

Last minute purchases at the venue may be possible, but payment must be by cash only.

Once you have booked, you will receive an email confirming your registration at the event.

Final location details will be emailed to you in the day or two prior to the event.

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Registrations for the 2019 Simulated HPAT Exam in Dublin and Cork will begin at 11:30am. The test will commence at 11:45am sharp and the test will finish at approximately 2:30pm.

Registrations for the 2019 Simulated HPAT Exam in Galway will begin at 11:45am. The test will commence at 12:00pm sharp and the test will finish at approximately 2:45pm. 

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Please remember to bring:

  • Your Simulated HPAT Exam exam confirmation letter or email (If you do not have this, you may still be allowed to attend the exam, but will cause delays)
  • A water bottle, if desired
  • pencil, eraser and sharpener
  • A non-beeping analogue watch to time yourself for the practice exam
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The cost is €80 and it can be purchased in the MedEntry shop in your My MedEntry log in.

See the FAQ "How do I book the 2019 Simulated HPAT Exam?".

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