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HPAT Ulster

The Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT-Ulster) is a selection test used to assess aptitude for study in the Allied Health Professions. It is administered by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research). The head office of ACER is located in Melbourne, where MedEntry's office is also located.

HPAT-Ulster has been designed in consultation with the University of Ulster to assess a range of attributes considered important. It is designed to complement academic achievement, by providing assessment of skills in the areas of reasoning, understanding and working with people, and written communication.

The HPAT is a two and a half hour test administered in late Jan/early Feb. MedEntry offers HPAT Courses, HPAT Tuition, HPAT advice, HPAT preparation and HPAT Coaching.

MedEntry HPAT Prep has become synonymous with HPAT success and is trusted by more students than all other providers combined. Performing well in the HPAT is critical for students wishing to enter health sciences.

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Yes! Even high achieving students stumble in the HPAT. Some students with excellent Leaving Certificate scores have missed out on places in health science courses due to their low HPAT scores.

Research shows training can significantly improve HPAT score by familiarizing you with the types of questions that will be asked and developing strategies to tackle them. Even ACER now admits that training for HPAT helps.

An all-too-common fallacy about preparing for HPAT is that all you need to do is 'familiarise' yourself with the test by doing some practice questions. That's like saying the way to become a great basketball player is to familiarise yourself with a basketball court and practice taking a few shots.

Once upon a time, people were wrong. They thought that the automobile was an electric death-trap that would never replace the horse and carriage, computers were only for academic nerds, and people who used tuition were simply cheaters. Then, cars stopped exploding every time you started the engine, people realised that you could use computers for more than just calculating the digits of pi, and the 'cheaters' with the tuition... well, they started getting it. They got better grades, got into better universities and just plain old got better. Times change, rules change.

Some people point not only to their own success, but also to the success of some others, as proof that HPAT Prep is unnecessary to get into medicine. Such arguments are spurious because they gloss over the obvious truth that certain people are more capable than others. Individuals succeeding without HPAT Prep simply don’t prove that everyone else can do the same, any more than Madonna’s success proves that everyone can become a star. Such individual achievements prove only that there are exceptional people who can overcome enormous obstacles and achieve their goals. The plain fact that many ordinary students have not achieved extraordinary results is pretty strong evidence that, for most of us, HPAT Prep can be a big help.

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MedEntry provides extensive resources for the HPAT-Ulster test. This includes numerous sample questions, written communication guide and sample essays for Section 3.


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The HPAT-Ulster test is a 3 hour test consisting of three modules or sections.
The table below shows the structure of HPAT-Ulster by section and time allowed.


  Number of questions Time in minutes
Section 1 Critical Reasoning 45 65
Section 2 Interpersonal Understanding 45 55
Section 3 Written Communication 2


The first two sections are in multiple-choice format. The third section, Written Communication is in the form of two essay writing tasks.

Critical Reasoning questions include general interest, science and social science, with materials presented as text, diagrams and tables. Some questions may require basic mathematical skills. The emphasis is on the application of skills in reasoning and problem solving. Skills tested include the ability to work with and analyse stimulus material; pose and test hypotheses; interpret and extract information; identify and evaluate evidence and lines of reasoning; identify a problem; analyse it to clarify key information; transform information into forms that can be applied to enhance problem solution, and identify, generate and evaluate possible solutions.

Interpersonal Understanding questions have a focus on working with and understanding people and consist of scenarios, narratives and dialogues with questions designed to assess the understanding of people; their motivations, behaviours and responses.

Written Communication consists of an exercise requiring synthesis of graphically presented information relating to social issues and a reflective essay. Each task is graded using a set of specifically designed assessment criteria. Assessment focuses on the way in which ideas are integrated into a purposeful and relevant response to the task. You will not be assessed on the correctness of the ideas or attitudes you display. Each of your pieces of writing will be marked by at least two assessors working independently.


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You can register by going to the website:

Registrations close in early January each year for the exam in late January (please see above link for exact details for this year)

The fee to sit HPAT-Ulster in 2019 is £114 (all taxes and charges included). Payment is by credit card (Mastercard or VISA) and must be made at the time of registration.

If you do not own a credit card and cannot use a family member or friend's card, please contact the HPAT-Ulster Office for further instructions about alternative arrangements.

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There are around 10 days of late registrations for HPAT-Ulster, these will open after the standard registrations close.

Late registrations will be accepted with an additional late fee of £35. For the exact closing date for late registrations, please see No further registrations will be accepted after this deadline.

You are strongly advised not to leave your registration until the last few days in case unforeseen problems, for example, your online access to the registration site, prevent your registration from being completed successfully.


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The HPAT-Ulster is held in late January each year. 

Registrations open in early October and close in early January each year. Results are released in late March. 

The dates given above are accurate at the time of publishing and you are urged to confirm the dates with the relevant authority.


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The main test centre for HPAT-Ulster is in Coleraine. There are limited spaces to sit the test in Jordanstown and Magee. Test centres will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you are advised to register early to ensure you get to sit in your preferred test centre.

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