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MedEntry HPAT Prep is an international Registered Training Educational institution committed to helping students enter medicine. MedEntry is the trusted HPAT preparation institution which specialises in HPAT Preparation. Unlike other 'grind schools' which have HPAT Prep as an 'add-on', the only thing MedEntry does is HPAT preparation and therefore is focussed on this core activity.

We are a team of academics, doctors and professionals with expertise in test development, measurement and analysis. We have been training students for tests such as the HPAT for over 30 years. Our comprehensive course has been remarkably successful in helping students achieve their goals.

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MedEntry has a proven track record of HPAT success. Since our resources are HPAT-focused, with more difficult questions to most accurately simulate the HPAT, you won't waste any time.

There are many preparation providers around - many of them have little or no expertise but have slick websites and marketing.

This is a crucially important test for your (or your child's) future. Choosing the right preparation provider can be critical in whether you enter medicine or not.

MedEntry is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), has hundreds of five star reviews, is trusted by more students each year than all other preparation providers combined - in short, we offer a guarantee of quality training

On our About Us page, you'll find more detail about why you should choose MedEntry for quality UMAT preparation.

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MedEntry's approach is holistic. We realise that entering a health science course involves much more than simply doing well in high school or university. We guide students through the whole process – providing information on university admissions procedures, training students for the HPAT and helping students tackle interviews.

MedEntry's products and services include:

  • Full length HPAT practice exams with fully worked solutions
  • Two day HPAT Courses
  • Guides that cover all three sections of the HPAT and general strategies for tackling the HPAT
  • Extra preparation material and drills – including over 10 000 practice questions
  • An online Learning Management System (LMS) which provides instant feedback
  • Online forums to enable discussions in real time
  • Application reviews
  • Continuous student support by email, telephone and fax
  • The resources provided by MedEntry are much more challenging than those provided by others. Some other courses last only one to three days - MedEntry's lasts for up to 12 months. Since our course is by far the most popular, more able and motivated students enrol in our courses, therefore students have the unique opportunity to interact with more students in online forums and at the HPAT Course, thereby enhancing their thinking skills. We realise that most of our students are in the final year of school and are very busy. Our program is comprehensive and focussed on HPAT, which means you do not need to do any other preparation.


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View student and parent endorsements of our program.

Feedback statistics show that 99.1% of our customers would recommend MedEntry’s services to their friends. Here at MedEntry HPAT Prep, we are result orientated.

A survey of a random sample of students who have been through our full training program showed that 92% were offered interviews, and 88% were offered places in one or more medical schools.

A recent AMSA (Australian Medical Students' Association) survey found that most students found preparation helpful.

Psychometric and personality tests (such as the HPAT) rely on the fact that the candidates do not prepare, so  testers/interviewers actively discourage the candidates from preparing. They do this by propagating various myths such as: preparation does not help; it will be a waste of resources; preparation may hinder your performance; that there are some questions in the test/interview which are designed to detect if you try to second guess; it may work against you etc. Accredited testers know that such organisations go to great lengths to place fear in the candidates to ensure they do not prepare, precisely because preparation works! If it is really true that you can't prepare for the test, ACER and universities should have no objection to HPAT preparation (rather than actively discouraging students from preparing).

If preparation does not work/help, the organisations which offer HPAT coaching services would cease to exist. The fact that many students use their services shows that they are beneficial. As a practicing doctor pointed out: "If HPAT preparation does not work and is not effective, HPAT courses such as MedEntry would cease to exist. The fact that an increasing number of students undertake the MedEntry HPAT Course is in itself evidence that it works."

In fact, all psychological tests and experiments involve deception (eg placebo), All national and international professional organisations in psychology (eg. Australian /American /British Psychological Societies) approve of deception in psychological experiments and tests.

MedEntry HPAT Prep will also significantly improve your school / university score for several reasons: it will enhance your motivation to study; hone your thinking skills and it will make you a more efficient and effective learner which is invaluable for high school, university and throughout your life. In fact, most students who obtain perfect LC points have done the MedEntry course. MedEntry HPAT Prep also helps with two sections of GAMSAT.

You might be familiar with the quote by Benjamin Franklin: "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". These words definitely ring true for the 2 1/2 hour, gruelling marathon that is the HPAT.

Please also read the article "Do I need to train for the HPAT?"

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You can contact a member of our friendly team either by emailing us or by calling us - please click here for our contact page. Our physical address is 126 Jukes Road, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia and postal address is PO Box 445, Fawkner, Victoria 3060, Australia.

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You may find opinions expressed on forums and by some organisations that HPAT preparation may not help. They are mainly from:

  • ACER, which administers HPAT and therefore has a vested interest in ensuring that students don't prepare, for several reasons (for example, their job becomes harder if students prepare; possibility of legal challenges; all psychological tests involve deception).
  • Careers teachers, who are cajoled by ACER to promote their "Prep may not help" myth.
  • Universities, which also have a vested interest in claiming that HPAT and interview preparation may not help (which is hypocritical, since universities coach students for aptitude tests and interviews at assessment centres for jobs).
  • Individuals who may have done a poor quality preparation course and/or may not have done the work required and therefore may not have got into medicine.
  • Individuals who feel strongly that all education should be free, and hence are opposed to HPAT preparation. These naive people fail to recognise that universities obtain about €25,000 per student per year (most of it from the tax payers).
  • Individuals who are uncritical and are 'sucked in' by ACER's propaganda.
  • Individuals who may have done well in HPAT without preparation. What they don't realise is that if they had done good quality preparation, they would have obtained an even higher score (even in 100th percentile, there is high end, and low end of 100th percentile), which could have enabled them to gain a scholarship to study medicine.
  • Students who do not want to admit that they have done HPAT Preparation for various reasons (such as wanting to appear 'smart', i.e. obtained a high score even without preparation).
  • Students who do not want to admit that they are doing HPAT Preparation in order to reduce their 'competition'. An example comment from a student: "MedEntry is my secret weapon for gaining a better HPAT score. I want to be against less people who know what they are doing."
  • Students who think they know 'short-cuts' to HPAT Preparation, using 'free' resources on the internet. These 'know-it-alls' seem to get a kick out of offering free advice on forums (unfortunately their advice is often misleading).
  • Competitors who offer preparation services, and criticise MedEntry HPAT preparation for their own benefit.
  • The 'research' published showing HPAT Preparation may not help is done by those who are funded by ACER and they don't declare this conflict of interest.

Please also read this article. (Why is there contradictory information from ACER regarding the value of HPAT training?)

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Over the years, ACER has dramatically changed their stance regarding the value of preparation for HPAT.

When UMAT (the predecessor to HPAT) started in the early 1990s, ACER did not provide ANY information regarding the test, not even a single example question, and no information regarding the types of questions and number of sections in the test. In the following years, they provided one sample question from each section, and gradually began providing more information and practice questions. ACER has changed its stance from stating that training is of no help, to admitting that training is useful. In the future, it is likely that ACER will go the way of many similar testing organisations in the US, and encourage training for HPAT by providing further resources.

ACER's stance on training in 1998: ACER Information Booklet 1998, page 3: "Training and practice in the test items is neither necessary nor advantageous. Accordingly, sample questions will not be made available prior to the test sessions." Not a single practice question provided to candidates.

ACER's stance on training in 2011: ACER website 2011: "As with any test, some practice in answering questions of a similar type, and under similar time constraints as those found in the real test is helpful and reassuring to most candidates." Two full length practice exams available for sale to candidates.

Please also read this article: Why are there conflicting opinions on the usefulness of HPAT Preparation?

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MedEntry was made possible by a generous grant by the Foundation for Young Australians, a non-profit organisation committed to enhancing youth participation and creating opportunities for the development of young people. Specifically, MedEntry aims to help young people keen to pursue a career in medicine, especially those who are traditionally under-represented.


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MedEntry is a team of health professionals, academics in the health sciences field, professionals with expertise in test development, measurement and analysis, and students who have been successful in the HPAT and interviews.

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