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Registrations to sit HPAT in 2022 are now open. You can register for HPAT by visiting the ACER website: https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/register.

Detailed information regarding HPAT 2022, including how to register, book your test and sit HPAT, are available in the HPAT 2022 Information Booklet: https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/files/HPAT-Ireland_2022.pdf.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know.

1. Registrations close in January

Registrations to sit HPAT in 2022 will close on 21 January 2022 at 5:15pm GMT. Late registrations will be accepted up to 5:15pm on 2 February 2022 (subject to an additional late fee). An exceptional late registration is available until 5:15pm on 4 February 2022 (only applicable to those test takers who have submitted their application to the CAO by 1 February). The standard fee to sit HPAT is 152.80 euro.

2. HPAT will take place from 18 – 21 February, and will run online

HPAT 2022 will take place over several days and time slots from Friday 18 February to Monday 21 February 2022. It will take place online, for the second year ever, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information, check out our blog on HPAT online.

3. You will need to register via the ACER website

To register to sit HPAT 2022, you will need to visit the ACER website: https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/register and create an online account. When creating an account, it is important that you provide an email address that you will check regularly, and ensure that the name and date of birth you provide matches the identification document you will use on test day.

If you are applying to study medicine, you must have your CAO number to register to sit HPAT (available by applying online at the CAO website). To finalise your HPAT 2022 registration, you will need to complete a registration form and submit details of your payment.

4. Test session bookings

You can now book your preferred testing date and time via a ProctorU account. ProctorU is the organisation that will be supervising and administering the online HPAT on behalf of ACER. When creating a ProctorU account, you will need to use the same email address that you used to create your ACER account to avoid issues on test day.

MedEntry recommends booking a testing slot as soon as possible. This will ensure you are able to secure a testing date and time that best suits you.

Further details will be released by ACER over the coming weeks. Ensure you follow MedEntry on social media for updates!

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