Unrivalled Results

Unrivalled Results

Outstanding Success Rates

MedEntry’s reputation is based on results.

Each year, we help more students into medicine in Ireland than all other HPAT preparation organisations combined. Most current medical students are past MedEntry students.

A survey of a random sample of students who have been through our full training program showed that 92% were offered places in medical school.

Feedback statistics show that over 99% of our students would recommend MedEntry to their friends. Over 95% of our students come through word-of-mouth referrals.


Highest Performers

MedEntry students disproportionately account for the highest scores in HPAT every year.

Each year, the highest performers in HPAT have been MedEntry students. The same was true last year, where a MedEntry student achieved the highest HPAT score in Ireland (227).

The highest HPAT score ever achieved (261) was achieved by a MedEntry student. 


Chosen by the Best

MedEntry is the most popular choice for medical entry hopefuls in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Many MedEntry students go on to achieve perfect leaving certificate scores. In fact, most students who obtain perfect leaving certificate scores and want to pursue medicine have been MedEntry students.

As a MedEntry student, you will be able to interact with and compare your performance against the top performing students in Ireland. You can be confident that you are learning with the best.