Our Staff

Our Staff

MedEntry’s staff are highly trained, dedicated professionals whose share one goal: to provide students with the highest quality medical entry preparation services and support.

Dr. Ray Boyapati

MBBS (Hons I) Monash, FRACP, MD (Research, Edinburgh)
Gastroenterologist at Monash Health

Dr. Ray was School Captain of the selective entry Melbourne High School, and obtained an ATAR of 99.9 (equivalent to 625 Leaving Cert points) and UMAT/HPAT percentile of 100. He was accepted into all medical schools and was awarded the Monash Scholarship for Exceptional Achievement.

His other awards include: Youth of the Year (State winner & National Finalist); Australian Students Prizes for Excellence; awards for public speaking; first class honours at Monash University medicine, medal for the highest achieving candidate in specialist examinations held by the Royal College of Physicians (RACP News, Vol. 32, No. 2, April 2012, p. 27).

Dr. Ray has published over 30 peer reviewed articles in prestigious journals on his area of specialty, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He has also presented his research at multiple national and international conferences. He has taught thousands of aspiring medical students (many of whom are now junior doctors and consultants) over the past two decades.

Dr. Ann Deely

MBBS (Hons I) Monash, FACD, FRCPI (Ireland)
Former Dermatologist at SIVUH (Cork), currently working in Private Practice

Dr. Ann was School Captain of the selective entry MacRobertson Girls' High School, and obtained an ATAR of 99.9 (equivalent to 625 Leaving Cert points) and UMAT/HPAT percentile of 100. She was accepted into all medical schools and held the Monash Scholarship for Excellence, which is awarded to the best incoming student each year.

Her other awards include: Premier’s Awards, the Australian Students Prize, Achiever of the Year (awarded for the most outstanding co-curricular and community involvement each year in the state); Gold Medals in the University of NSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS); numerous awards for excellence in public speaking; Caltex Best All-rounder Award; State level Debater.

Dr. Ann won an unprecedented three medals in the nationwide Dermatology Fellowship examinations ('The Mole' ACD Issue 102, Spring 2014, p. 8, 18; Health Link, Dec 2014 Issue 19, p. 14). Dr Ann has taught over 10,000 aspiring medical students.

Dr. Ed Boyapati

Retired University Professor
Manager, Medical Practice

Dr. Edward is an academic with over 40 years of experience teaching in universities. He has published several articles on educational research and presented numerous papers and keynote addresses at international teaching and learning conferences. He has received numerous awards for teaching excellence.

Dr. Edward has a long-standing interest in psychometric measurement and has spent time in educational research institutes such as the ETS (Princeton, USA), NFER (Slough, UK) and EAA (UNSW, Australia). Dr Edward has been a guest lecturer at universities across the globe, has been a consultant and expert witness for several organisations and is a member of the International Society for Intelligence Research and International Test Commission.

Dr Edward is also Practice Manager of a Medical Centre, and has a wide knowledge of the health profession and health-related issues. Dr Edward has been training students for tests such as the HPAT for over two decades.


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Globally, MedEntry employs over 100 part time staff and contractors as question (item) writers, question reviewers, tutors, blog writers and workshop assistants.
We also work with several expert consultants, including psychometricians, to develop and refine our services.